Dragonfly manufactures terrific tasty tofu, all handmade the traditional Japanese way here in the UK. We don’t just make Tofu we also make delicious burgers and soysages bulging with taste and flavour!

All our products are organic, free from gluten, dairy, eggs, gm Ingredients, all artificial colourings and preservatives making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians of all shapes and sizes and those who suffer from coeliac. Basically, almost anyone!

We’re on mission to change the perception of tofu and promote its many health benefits! At least our brand anyway!

Click on the link below to see all of the awards that we have won including our most recent Free From Food Award for our delicious Devonshire Soysages.

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Dragonfly Foods are delighted to announce their new factory in Tiverton, Devon which will be opening January 2018, we’re very excited to share our progress including the installation of a state of the art tofu production line in glorious technicolour! Please click on the link below for more information.

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Organic Burgers

Burgers are vegetarian & vegan, made to the highest quality.

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Original Tofu Pots

Our newest product with amazing taste and flavour.

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Organic Soysages

Our delicately flavoured Soysage is great with a morning fry-up.

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Organic Tofu

A versatile product that can replace meat in a variety of dishes.

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From our Organic Vegetarian Burgers to Soysages and Tofu, Dragonfly Foods creates a wide range of products designed to cater for every taste. All of our products are Organic and suitable for Vegans.

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