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Our Products

Our products are not just for vegans, vegetarians and those with special dietary needs, but also for anyone looking to enjoy plant-based alternative protein and wishing to broaden their food horizon with exciting new ideas.


Any orders placed by 10am Monday to Thursday, will be processed for despatch the next day. Orders placed after 2pm Thursday to 10am Monday will be delivered on the following Tuesday. 

Shizenno Megumi Organic Soft
True authentic soft textured Tofu called “Kinughosi Tofu” in Japan. Gently coagulated with hand cut and pack in the container, filled with fresh water to keep it moist and protected. Absolutely perfect for Miso soup, Mabo Tofu, and smoothies.
Shizenno Megumi Organic Firm
Following the traditional Japanese recipe with the firmness they call as “Momen Tofu” in Japan. Lightly firm texture full of juiciness. Taste the pure richness of soya with sweetness in aftertaste.  Best for curry, soup, and topping of salad.
Shizenno Megumi Organic Super Firm
Perfectly made with authentic Japanese style technique. The best mixture of soya milk and nigari ratio to maximize its flavour and sweetness of Tofu in the firmness you deserve. Best for stir-fried, roasted, or even barbequed on the grill.
Organic Smoked Tofu
Our award-winning Organic Tofu is lightly oak-smoked for a deliciously distinctive smoked tofu.
Organic Medium Tofu
Our slightly soft Organic Medium Tofu is the perfect texture to soak up the flavour of sauces and soups.
Organic Super-Firm Tofu
Delicious stir-fried, roasted, barbequed, marinated and more, our award-winning Organic Super-Firm Tofu is a must-have ingredient for any creative cooks!