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Smooth and Silky – Why you should start eating soft tofu today!

Smooth and Silky

The differences between soft tofu and firm tofu are numerous. Unlike firm tofu, it has a smooth and silky texture that makes it ideal for a number of purposes that firm tofu is not. Incorporating soft tofu into your diet allows you to recreate healthy versions of some of the unhealthiest dishes. It can even be used to make nutritious baby foods! These uses of the food are exclusive to soft tofu. It’s not because of its distinct taste though, it is because of its smooth, silky texture!

The Texture Technicality

The texture of soft tofu differs greatly from that of firm tofu. It is for this reason that it can be used in many dishes that firm tofu cannot. Due to it’s creamy and custard-like texture, soft tofu does not hold its shape like firm tofu does. However, it can be useful in a variety of recipes for this very reason.

Because of its texture, soft tofu can be crumbled into pieces and used as a substitute for scrambled eggs; it can be pureed and used as a creamy soup base or a healthier version of mayonnaise; you can be blend and mix it with fruit for a smoothie, or served as a replacement for eggs and yogurt and salad dressings. It can be used to make healthier versions of dips and sauces, is a great substitute for cheese, and is even a frequent ingredient in desserts such as pudding. The silky texture allows it to serve these many purposes.

Emerging Purposes

Though for a long time there was debate about the place of tofu in a babies diet, it is now becoming clearer that tofu exposes babies to necessary nutrients. Doctors recommend that you introduce tofu into a babies diet around the age of eight months. As a result we are now seeing baby food recipes that feature soft tofu as the main ingredient becoming more and more common. Pureed tofu mixed with finely chopped veggies or fruit is a great way to introduce babies to tofu. Once finger foods are an option soft tofu can be chopped into small pieces to have as a nice little snack or as part of a meal. Using tofu in a babies diet will set them up on a healthy track for life.

A Distinct Purpose

Although tofu is frequently dismissed as a food for vegetarians and vegans, its texture allows it to serve a purpose in just about anyone’s diet. From babies to people who simply want to make healthier substitutions, soft tofu is food for everyone. If you’d like to try out some exciting tofu recipes then why not check out our recipes page here!

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