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Who wants Ice Cream? – Nutritional Vegan Ice Cream that is…

How To Make Tofu Ice Cream

If you’ve been looking for a cold, nutritional dessert but have not tried tofu ice cream then this is the article for you. I’ve tried frozen yogurt, diet fudge bars, diet ice cream but the tofu dessert recipe below to me is better than all of those. The best part is that with the right appliances you can make tofu ice cream at home in no time. Just follow the simple steps listed below and you and your family will be enjoying tofu ice cream in no time.

A Simple Tofu Ice Cream Recipe

Tofu ice cream is a very refreshing dessert on a hot day. In addition tofu ice cream is far better for you than regular ice cream. In order to make the ice cream you will need a couple of tools, the first of which is a blender or food processor. The recipe I find works best is for a raspberry tofu ice cream. This recipe will make about two quarts worth of ice cream, plenty for a couple servings. It can be refrozen and reused and has about as much of a lifespan as normal ice cream. The recipe calls for oil and if you decide you can leave it out, but the ice cream will freeze very solid without it.


The first step is to drain and set aside the raspberries. Next you will want to take all of your ingredients except the raspberries and blend them in the food processor or blender until smooth and creamy. More than likely all the ingredients will not fit in the blender or food processor, that’s OK just do a little bit at a time placing all of the finished product in a large mixing bowl. Next take the raspberries you have set aside and mix them in. Pour all of the ingredients into the ice cream maker and then freeze them as you would normal ice cream.

That’s it! Once you complete these steps you should have an ample amount of raspberry tofu ice cream for you and your family to enjoy. As you can see the recipe is super easy to follow and is not any more difficult then making normal ice cream. If you can do that, you can make tofu ice cream just as easily.

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