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An interview about Dragonfly Foods…

Last week we promised that we’d be releasing an interview with one of our customers about our products and now today is that day! Listed below are a few questions that we asked to find out their views on our products and whether they’d recommend us to their friends in the future!

Why did you decide to go vegan?

Originally I decided to go vegan for health reasons, because I had quite bad skin so I cut out all animal based foods and just went to plant based products only to see if that would make a difference and it made a massive difference. I had really bad eczema and it went.I realised it was quite a big jump from being a meat eater all my life so I had to go a little bit easier on myself so I reintroduced some dairy products but then went vegan later on. One of the things that really made that last spin for me was watching different films like Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, Vegucate and seeing how cows and animals are treated.

Where did you hear about Dragonfly and what made you decide to choose them?

In Holland & Barrett actually. I’m not a big shopper in there, usually travel out of town to get my tofu but I nipped in and found them. Usually I tried the cheap ones in local health stores and they were nasty but I tried Dragonfly and it was really different and now I love it.

What makes their tofu stand out from other tofu brands?

I think it’s got a really unique taste and texture, I have got traditional Chinese supermarkets by me but Dragonfly is a lot tougher, got more of a similar consistency to meat and makes it easier for that transition and I like to have that meaty taste and texture. The seasoned tofu is really nice to chop into a stir fry or the plain tofu in a soup or stew or curry.

Do you think the packaging preserves the food to a suitable standard?

The packaging is fine for buying it fresh but I guess if I was to improve on it I’d have something where if you’re not going to use it all at once, a resealable package would be better.

Would you use Dragonfly tofu to create desserts?

I haven’t and I think for a dessert it would need a silken tofu so I would use Dragonfly if they made that kind I would to make a cheesecake or something.

What is your favourite product from DF?

The seasoned tofu or the plain. The seasoned is the best but it depends what mood I’m in.

Would you recommend Dragonfly products to your friends? (expand if so)

Well I generally do, when people ask me about tofu products I usually say to them Dragonfly is one of the two that I use and would recommend. It’s the consistency that makes them the one I’d recommend.

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