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Counting Down the Calories in Soft Tofu

Tofu has obtained a reputation for being a nutritional powerhouse —and this is not far from the truth. The healthy lifestyles of those in Japan and China, where tofu has long been a dietary staple, has led nutritionists to endorse tofu as a great way to live a healthy life. It is even becoming more common for babies to eat tofu —and get an early start to a good, healthy habit. But you don’’t have to take someone’s word for it;  —just let the nutritional facts speak for themselves.

Good… and Good For You Too!

All tofu is nutritiously delicious, but generally the softer the tofu, the lower in calories and fat. Thus, the calories in soft tofu are less than those in firm tofu. Four ounces of soft tofu contains approximately 69 calories, with 4.7 grams of fat. In comparison, firm tofu contains about 79 calories with 5.5 grams of fat. The extra fat in firm tofu is usually saturated, which means that the fat calories in soft tofu are healthier than those in firm tofu.

There are many nutritional attributes of tofu despite the number of calories and the amount of fat. Both soft and firm tofu are low in sodium, which means that they are ideal for people following low sodium diets. Additionally, although about half of the calories in both soft tofu and firm tofu are from fat, both types of tofu contain absolutely no cholesterol.

Though there is not a large difference between the calories within soft tofu and firm tofu, there are other discrepancies between the two that may make more of a difference in which one you choose to eat. Firm tofu contain slightly more protein than soft tofu (9.25 grams compared with 7.4 grams), and it contains more fiber and calcium as well. However, soft tofu contains less sodium than firm tofu (9 mg compared to 14 mg).

Overall, both soft tofu and firm tofu are great sources of calcium, iron, and vitamins. No matter how you cook soft or firm tofu, incorporating it into your diet ensures that you will reap all the benefits of this nutritious food.

Low Calories, No Worries

The low calorie count in both soft tofu and firm tofu allows you to ease up on your calorie counting once and for all. It is easy to get lost in the numbers when trying out various diets, but by making an effort to incorporate more tofu into your diet, your health will take care of itself.

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